FED is proud to partner with Star Building Systems. A Star Building System is a building system that lasts. If you’re planning a building project and you want security, both in the integrity of your structure and the integrity of your supplier, then FED/Star Building Systems is your first call. At FED/Star, you’re not given parameters. You’re given options, lots of options, regardless of end use. School Buildings. Industrial Buildings. Commercial Buildings. Factories. Warehouse Buildings. FED/Star Building Systems does it all. We offer state-of-the-art metal construction solutions that help ensure your building’s longevity.


FED is proud to partner with Nucor Building Systems. Nucor Building Systems has achieved IAS AC 472 accreditation at all four of our manufacturing facilities. As a member of the MBMA and CSSBI, Nucor Building Systems’ manufacturing and engineering policies, practices, and procedures are audited annually. The metal building industry certification process reviews raw materials, design specifications, software, building code compliance, and quality control procedures. The process assures the structural integrity and quality of our Nucor steel building systems that FED is experienced in installing.



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