FED will deliver post construction support that you can depend on.

Client Support

Confidence To Grow With Post Construction Support From FED

 The day has finally arrived, and your project is complete. Even though you and your company are excited to have this new building or addition finally ready to put to good use, there are undoubtedly post-construction support concerns and questions.

The quality support from our team at FED does not stop when your project is complete. If you have questions, FED is here to help you find answers. We have stood behind our work for over 40+ years of construction experience, and we will continue for many years. From site selection to design, budgets, support, and maintenance, FED has the expertise to help you and your project succeed.

  • Selection and evaluation of the construction site
  • Project design drawings and renderings
  • Cost consultation and value analysis
  • Selection of contractors and dedicated project management

FED’s goal is to be proactive about potential issues during construction to avoid any post-construction concerns. However, if our clients have any problems, they can count on FED to support their project even after completion. FED prides itself on identifying and correcting warranty issues promptly. Never hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns, so we can communicate, update, and resolve project warranty items as quickly as possible.

View our project timeline If you want to learn more about the different construction phases. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 989-246-9122.