Customer Testimonials

“I want to let both of you know it’s been a pleasure working with you guys and I will recommend FED for any of our future projects and any other companies that inquire about you.

Jim is a very good man to have working for FED, thanks for putting him on our project!”

Brian Keeley

VP Of Operations, Brown Machine

“During the past year, we had the opportunity to work with FED Corporation in constructing the Pamella and Daniel De Vos Student Development Center on the Midland campus of Northwood University. We were very pleased with the working relationship with FED as they were able to be involved in the early stages of our building plan. This allowed us to create a structure that is aesthetically pleasing and will be easier to maintain in the future as FED made use of many cost ­effective and efficient products and materials. And FED was able to explain all the pros and cons as they pertained to the design and our intended utilization of the building, simplifying our decision making process.

FED was also able to negotiate a firm price for the steel building almost a year in advance, which saved our University hundreds of thousands of dollars and allowed us to budget our cost confidently. FED was able to improve on our construction schedule and kept us well informed on all phases of the project. Their willingness to assist us even through fundraising efforts with the project showed their entrepreneurial spirit within a family run company, which is a great asset to our local economy.

If we have the opportunity to embark on a similar project in the future, we would feel confident in again making use of the services of FED Corporation, and I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a similar project.

If you would like to further discuss Northwood University’s use of the services of FED Corporation, please feel free to contact me.”

Keith Pretty

President and CEO, Northwood University